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Step back in time when the guys were smooth, the gals were sassy and there was all that jazz!!

South Africa’s premier swing tribute artist, Dale McCann performs a swing show like no other.

Known for his professional style and easy listening vocal ability, he brings the charm and humility of a young “Crooner” to every performance. With his charming persona and swinger swagger moves he evokes the style of many famous swing singers from the 1950's. He sings and masquerades like O’l blue eyes and the boys, to some of the world’s most loved songs made famous by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jnr.

The masterfully recorded backing music helps recreate that old 1950's sound in a dazzling show that will simply leave you inspired and entertained to say the least.
The tribute show is available for all types of occasions & celebrations including: Private Parties; Corporate Functions; Weddings; Birthday parties; Themed Parties; Hotels; Restaurants; Theatres; Cruise ships; TV and Advertising.

When you book the “The SwingKing”, you can expect great music, original humour, and evening of delight.

To book, you can either email us on bookings@swingking.co.za Or call +27 84 878 6478